The Story Thus Far

The Story Thus Far: How OSSOLA™ Began


OSSOLA had it's first inception back in 2016, as an experimental collagen creme

Marcolgen that was thick, rich but made in the more traditional way, using ingredients such as mineral oil and petroleum. It sold a few jars mostly to friends and family who tried it and gathered some important feedback and knowledge from that experience and as other projects came about, Marcolgen was shelved and was put on hold while I learned more about my craft and began incessantly studying ingredients and formulation guides day and night. I had an obsession to find out the newest and greatest cutting edge technology in order to provide long-lasting results for the skin biome as well as a boost to your confidence!


In October 2018, my good friend Ash called me, shortly after I arrived back home to discuss getting a haircut but also to discuss what we could do about her skin that was a constant battle through chronic erythema (redness), cystic acne and painful dryness along with keratinised and hardened acne scars along her entire jawline. After a few attempts of chemical peels to try and get rid of the scarring with good results, we realised that we would need to develop an anti-acne creme that could consistently and effectively deliver powerful anti-acne actives and cause a renewal and rebirth of your skin as you know it in as little as two weeks! After about an initial month of getting the formula just right, we knew we had done it when after two weeks her skin started to become clearer than it had been in years before. The demand started growing in the bay area due to the word getting around the community that we had created a moisturiser and an acne fighting facial oil. The rest is history.

 The Shameful Truth:

Did you know? The FDA only requires one half of a percent in order to "claim" the ingredients on the label, and ingredients included in percentages under 2% may be listed in any order on the label, not in order of concentration?  What does that mean? It means that the ingredient that you thought was the star of your product is most likely included as a "claim ingredient" in a concentration too small to be effective along with a bunch of cheap fillers and preservatives. We include the concentration of our active ingredients so you are aware of their effectiveness. 

I truly believe that OSSOLA™ Skincare is one of the best product lines on the market at this moment and I am willing to back that up with a 15-day money back guarantee.*   

*Terms & Conditions: In order to be eligible for the money back guarantee, you must return the product using the shipping label that we provide for you via email and the product must not be more than half used. If we determine during return inspection the item has been swapped out or more than 50% of the net weight has been exhausted, the return will be declined and returned to you.