Skincare That Cares™

A bit more about our program, OSSOLA Gives™. Every order we donate 6% of the entire order value (including tax & shipping) to a charity of our choice that we truly believe is making a noticeable difference in their local community or the environment around them. 


OSSOLA Gives™ is more than just about donating money; it’s about making a real difference. We actively research the organizations we support and make sure they are doing their part to create positive change. We want to be sure that our purchases actually help people in need, from providing emergency relief and education to improving access to healthcare and fresh water. With your help, we can make a lasting impact on those who need it most. 

If you’d like to learn more about our partners, please scroll further down the page. There, you can read about the incredible work these organizations do and how your contributions make a difference in the lives of so many! Thank you for your support. Together, we can create a better world.